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Virtual Visit

This page presents each distinct building on the property along with its rooms, for the purpose of understanding future use. You can click on camera icons

to see a photo associated with each room.

West Wing (Rennaissance)

Château - West Wing
West Wing.jpg


Dining rooms

The West Wing comprises three floors plus the tower.


On the ground level: an entrance hall, formal/informal dining rooms, kitchen, pantry, laundry, storage room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 WC.

See floorplan here.

2nd level: Grand salon, office, study, master bedroom (with ensuite bathroom and dressing)

See floorplan here.

3rd level: Four bedrooms, once with private bathroom, an office, second bathroom, extra WC. Note that this floor is only accessible from the East Wing stairwell, and from the West Wing tower. As such it can be considered independent living space. Note that all separating walls can be removed to allow for a home-like floorplan including a large living room, with two-bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen.

See floorplan here.

Photos of rooms on the other side of this wing are visible from the view of the Hostellerie, further down.

East Wing (Donjon)

Château - East Wing

The East Wing (Donjon) comprises three floors and houses, a cellar, and the grand spiral staircase.


On the first level: a grand salon, an intermediate second room and bathroom, a large bedroom.

See floorplan here.

2nd level: Conference room, large bedroom and bathroom. See floorplan here.

3rd level: Large library room opening to a bedroom, vast bedroom with ensuite bathroom. See floorpan here.

The Hostellerie Tower

West Wing - back.jpg



Saint-George Tower

The Hotellerie Tower building (seen on the far left) offers 357m2 of space:

On the ground floor 

- a large room that historically served as a kitchen and dining area.

- a large bedroom with ensuite bathroom in the tower itself

See floorplan here.

On the 1st floor:

- a large room currently used as a game room

- a bedroom with ensuite bathroom. 

See floorplan here.

On the 2nd floor:

-  a bedroom with private shower room, bedroom, shower room

See floorplan here.

Basement level:

- A vaulted cellar with windows, used as a reception hall

- An office, WC, kitchenette

The Chaplaincy


The Chaplaincy is a fully autonomous 184m2 home on four levels,  including:


- Lower floor: bedroom with ensuite bathroom, WC, Laundry

- Ground floor: living room and kitchen

- Upper Floor: large bedroom with ensuite bathroom, mezzanine bedroom.

The Stables


The"Stables" are hardly what we would imagine as stables. This building represents 300m2 of space on the ground level alone. A second-floor attic space remains to be renovated. 

See floorplan here.

There is the potential in this building for a fully independent home, in what has been previously used as a restaurant. 

There is more flexibility in the renovation of this space than in the Château itself, both structurally and with respect to the constraints imposed by the architects in charge of French Monuments Historiques.

Saint-Jean Tower

Saint-Jean Tower

The Saint-Jean Tower is used as a guesthouse, with three independent bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, identically configured. The total living space represents 120m2:

- Lowest level: bedroom with ensuite bathroom and WC (room “François 1er”)

- Ground floor: bedrooms with ensuite bathroom and WC

- 1 st Floor: bedroom with ensuite bathroom and WC

The Chapel

The Chapel
Lower gardens.jpg

The "Chapel" includes a jewel of a chapel, but also a courtroom and a prison. The latter may remain useful for badly-behaved guests, but most likely a more civilized function will need to be determined.


The chapel is a fine venue for small concerts.

The Caretaker's House

Caretaker's House

The Westgate caretaker's home is currently occupied by the gardener and his wife, but they could be relodged else on the property.

The house contains a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and veranda-covered storage room. 

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