Le Château

de Touffou




An historic French château, rich with nearly a millennium of history,  requires more than an owner. It requires a steward. As hard you may try to make it your own and rightfully inhabit its myriad rooms, it is the château that will ultimately inhabit you. If you join the great lineage of those to whom it has been granted, and if you faithfully pass down its heritage, you will be enriched beyond any price you may have paid. It will confer to you its inherent nobility. 

If, on the contrary, you venture to bend it to your individual will and violate its many codes, it will resist until you abandon its walls. 

So it is with the Château of Touffou, so it is with the historical monuments of France, and so it is with the entire grand edifice of French culture. 



The Château is located a half kilometer from the village of Bonnes, 7 minutes away from the larger village of Chauvigny, and 26 minutes from Poitiers. Thanks to the TGV connecting Paris to Poitier in 1:15, that puts the Château at a mere 2:45 from Paris. 

Although part of the administrative region now called "Nouvelle Aquitaine", Touffou is closer to the Loire Valley. The river Vienne, its banks by the  château, flows into the Loire, and one just imagine hopping on a boat and drifting all the way to the Altantic.


More specifically, in relation to the Loire Valley, the château is located: 

- 45 min away from the French administrative region called Centre-Val de Loire (Central Loire Valley). 

- 1 hour away from the famous château at Azay-le-Rideau near Tours

- 1 hour away from the Loire Valley wine-producing region called Chinon

It is without a doubt on par with the private estates of the Loire. 



The property comprises ten distinct buildings, and three landscaped gardens,

 on 61 hectares (153 acres) of  land.

1/ The château, with an older east wing (donjon) and a Rennaissance west wing.

2/ The Saint-Jean tower, including three-bedroom/bathroom suites

3/ The "Hotellerie" offering a vast kitchen, a vaulted cellar, a large bedroom/bathroom, and a game room.

4/ The Chaplaincy, a comfortable independent home on two levels plus a mezzanine.

5/ A Caretaker's home (occupied) with three bedrooms on property's far west side.

6/ Vast stables on two levels, with the potential to be transformed into an independent home

7/ A row of outbuildings across from the stables, some with significant interior volumes

8/The Chapel, including a "court room" 

9/ A Caretaker's home at the main entrance to the property

10/ An outbuilding at the entrance to the property, closest to the river.


Saint Jean Tower




Caretaker's home (westgate)




Main gate

EAST Wing (donjon)

West Wing (rennaissance)

Caretaker's house and outbuilding

(located at entry to property on riverfront--off map)