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Chateau de Piquecos - right tower


Le Château

de Piquecos




What is the value of a unique 15th-century château and fortress? Maybe more in the days when it could be besieged? Or maybe more our current age when many would die for a place of retreat, a place of sacred silence with a sweeping view over a river and fertile plain. 

What about the works of art, the chapel, and hidden treasures it contains within its massive walls? These are included in the price, and need some care. There were days when the château was very carefully looked after. Several French kings made their halt at the château, and that was always a royal affair! 

The years have gone by, indeed more than 500 years since its original construction, and all that is strong has held fast. But the majority of the 23 rooms in the château have since been left in await of the return of a king. The coat of arms of the noble family known as Des Prez de Montpezat remains stamped on the walls and vaults, but the time has come for new owners to make their mark.

Some significant work is recent:

- A new roof was laid in the year 2005, and is reviewed every two years.

- A large 200m2 reception hall was inaugurated in 2020. It can accommodate events for up to 200 persons indoors and will serve as a sure source of revenue for the next owner.

In addition to the 1000m2 of château, there is also a 100m2, four-room, concierge house at the entrance to the property. All the buildings sit on 10 hectares of well-watered land that is mostly wooded, except for a large field by the entry gate and the lawns that surround the château itself. 


If 880 000€ seems like a bargain for a rare historical edifice, given that you couldn't even buy the concierge house for that price in Paris, the reason is of course that most of the castle's interior requires thorough renovation.

For those with vision and patience, the château has the potential to once again become the talk of the land. In addition to the current grand hall, and the entire upstairs wing could be renovated to make for another grand reception room. Other rooms could be made into guest rooms and the château could be operated as a B&B.  

Alternatively, there is enough room to accommodate a small community of co-owners who share a vision of what the historic domain can once again become: no longer a stronghold to defend, but a high place for people to gather.

Purchase price: 880 000 Euros including agency fee



The Château is located a half kilometer from the village of Piquecos, a 15 min drive to the largest nearby town of Montauban, and one hour away from the major French city of Toulouse, itself a 4.5 hr train ride from Paris. As the center and capital of the Occitania region of France, Toulouse is a cultural and economic hub, located only 1 hr 40 minutes from Narbonne on the Mediterranean coast, 2 hr 30 min from Bordeaux, and 3 hrs from Biarritz on the Atlantic coast, and 2 hr 30 min from several ski resorts in the Pyrennees. 


A selection of photos is featured below. For a complete gallery of photos covering the exterior, interior and grounds, see Photo Albums.



Surface area and layout

The property comprises the 15th-century castle along with two exterior towers and a concierge house, on 10 hectares of land.

The castle covers about 1100m2 and includes:
- a 200m2 reception room renovated to standard by 2020, 
- four rooms currently inhabited (two living rooms, two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom)
- eighteen rooms on 2 levels requiring renovation.
- two silos at the base of each tower with a volume of approximately 100m3 each, useful for storing food and wine at a constant earth temperature

- a deep well (currently requires the installation of a pump to access groundwater)

- a septic tank installed to standard in 2020, sized for 200 people

- a roof that has been entirely replaced in 2005, and has been verified every two years since.

The 100m2 entrance pavilion consists of five rooms, including a living room, kitchen, toilet, and three bedrooms. The land is clear around the castle on about 2 hectares, the other 8 hectares being densely wooded.

Click on links below to see floorplans :

Castle floorplan

Guesthouse floorplan


Revenue sources:

Weddings and seminars: 60 000€/year

Visits: 3000€/year

B&B: 50 000€/year (for 5 rooms)

If made into a 15-room hotel: 180 000€/year

Guesthouse: 15 000€/year 

Estimated renovation budget:

20 000€/room (assuming a progressive renovation)

800 000€ in total for B&B option (taking into account that grand hall has already been renovated in 2020)

70 000€ for guest house renovation

To get an idea about the potential for Château de Piquecos, you may find the example of this very comparable Château de Mauriac to be instructive and inspiring.


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